Microsoft Encarta Premium 2008, the #1 best-selling encyclopedia software brand for the past 8 years*, provides more up-to-date content and more engaging multimedia than ever before. Whether you’re searching online or offline, it’s the trusted way for everyone in the family to easily find relevant and reliable information on just about any subject. Encarta Premium 2008 features a look and feel that makes it easy to use. You’ll be able to get started right away exploring scholarly knowledge from one of the world’s most trusted encyclopedias.

Microsoft Encarta Premium 2008 helps families and lifelong learners explore a world of knowledge. Browse over 60,000 articles, over 25,000 photos and illustrations, over 800 videos and interactive activities, and over 3,000 sound and music clips. The encyclopedia also has an interactive atlas with over 1.8 million map locations.

• A full set of study aids that help get homework done right the first time
• Students can find trusted and up-to-date information quickly and easily using Encarta Premium 2008
• Mathematical tools help students tackle math and science problems quickly and easily
• Tools for completing foreign language assignments and a full-featured dictionary to help translate and conjugate
• Includes more than 1,000 book summaries that help students understand some of the most commonly studied literary works.

Descargar Microsoft Student Con Encarta Premium 2008 DVD (3.3 gb):

Encarta2008.part01.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part02.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part03.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part04.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part05.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part06.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part07.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part08.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part09.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part10.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part11.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part12.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part13.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part14.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part15.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part16.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part17.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part18.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part19.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part20.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part21.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part22.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part23.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part24.rar (95.37 MB)

Encarta2008.part25.rar (18.21 MB)

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